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> Thank a lot Alexios.
> That's work.
> Still 2 questions...
> 1/ With Type Transformer, do I select "icon 3 - Characters filters" or not ?
I left the 'character filters' empty but this might not always be correct. For 
example, when Type Transformer needs to select a subset for creating single 
byte coded fonts (SBCS), the character filters or the code page could help.

> 2/ With my AFP sample file produced by Fop,
> - Compart Viewer display 'HELLO' correctly (Aladen font)
> - BTB display nothing
> - AFPviewer display 'HELLO' incorrectly (in raster Times).
> Why theses differences ? maybe BTB or AFPviewer are not able to display 
> emebeded outline font ?

I also noticed this when I created the AFP. My experience is that Compart has 
the most reliable viewer. I can't give a definite answer without investigating 
but at the end, it does not worth it. It is a common knowledge and at the same 
time annoying, that every AFP system, including viewers & printers is 
different, renders differently and has limitations. In a few cases this is due 
to a not well defined spec (GOCA), in some other cases this is due to the 
implementations. It's a niche area. The general advise is to try to open the 
AFP files with all available viewers. If you see what you expect, then it 
*could* be OK. But unfortunately, you will finally need to print it to ensure 
it's OK. Keep in mind that depending on your use case and volumes, you might 
need to do some performance tests too. For example, can a continuous feed 
printer sustain a speed of 100 meters per minute ? Finally, there are printer 
specific, commercial tools which you could buy to reliably view the AFP. The 
idea is that they execute the same code as the printer, an example is OCE 

I don't think I can help you much more, I wish you good luck :)

Alexios Giotis

> Thank for your reply.
> Christian Pestel
> christian.pes...@orange.fr
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> Hi Christian,
> The code page file is indeed required. Attached you will find T1U01253 which 
> I used and corresponds to encoding="cp1253" (modern Greek). I got it along 
> with some other code page files when I asked to convert some TrueType fonts 
> to AFP fonts. As far as I know, the code page files are standard and you will 
> need a different code page for French. If I remember well, the Type 1 font I 
> used did not contain any Greek glyphs, it works because the XSL:FO just 
> prints HELLO. Other ways of getting code page files are:
> - Directly downloading from a mainframe.
> - Generating with a commercial tool.
> - Extracting from the resource group of an AFP file that contains them. You 
> will need a basic understanding of the AFP structure and about 200 lines of 
> Java code. MO:DCA (The Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference) 
> [1] will be your friend.
> Finally, you will need to remove the .OLN extension from CZA585.OLN.
> HTH,
> Alexios Giotis
> [1] http://www.afpcinc.org/publications/categories/publications/
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