Hi Aaron,

Implementation of fo:float is one of the most trickest algorithms within the XSL-FO specification. Vincent H worked on a prototype layout engine that could accomodate fo:floats in 2008, but after 12 months we had to abandon it as it was still some distance from being finished. Thats just the prototype, and excluded all the output generation and many other features in FOP.

Assuming the prototype can be finished within say another 12 months, it would then take several further man years to port the rest of FOP's functionality onto the prototype. We estimate the implementation cost would be in the range of several hundred thousand GBP :-o

This is why fo:float has not yet been implemented. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Of course, I'm happy to learn if anyone has any idea how to implement a solution using the existing Knuth Layout Algorithm.


On 11/02/2014 03:47, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:
It's nice that I've been able to work around the lack of floats in FOP
for my sigplan article stylesheet, but it still irks me quite a bit. I
don't have the time an inclination to fix the problem myself, given the
lack of time and expertise in this area. However, I at least want to
look into whether it might not be possible to support getting float
support into FOP somehow. Thus, the following:

Given appropriate amounts of funding, is there someone with the
appropriate expertise willing to implement float support and the like in
FOP? If so, what is the funding amount that would be necessary?

I'm looking for honest answers here. I'm not sure I can raise this level
of funding, but at the very least it would be good to know how much it
would cost. I have enough people somewhat interested in this that it
would make sense to make an effort if possible.

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