Vincent Hennebert <> writes:

> On top of this, an implementation of the standard fo:float element
> wouldn’t allow you to achieve the Sigplan layout you mentioned in this
> other thread:

Thanks. I'm aware that floats won't help me there. That was made clear
to me from the outset, though I do wish they would. However, floats seem
helpful in some other elements of handling DocBook documents. 

> All that said, implementing before-floats should be doable in the
> current layout engine without too much effort. There’s a branch in
> Subversion with the start of an implementation that would need to be
> brought up-to-date, debugged, completed and cleaned up. I can’t say much
> more without studying the problem in more details, but we are talking in
> terms of weeks rather than months or years.

Thanks for this information. I think it would be nice if FOP could get
an extension to XSL-FO that would allow it to put "headers" or "footers"
on specific pages and specific columns. I do not know if that is a
feature generally desirable or not, but I know it would be nice for at
least me. :-) On the other hand, I have a working workaround, so I'm not
worried about it right now.

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