<renderer mime="application/pdf">

<renderer mime="application/x-pcl">

By Szeak

First of all, you mean PCL, not plc.
Target resolution is more better in 600 as 300.
Check your font settings.
I think FOP have a small bug (or something unlikely functioning) with PCL font handling. (based on my experience)
I think the best method is to install all needed fonts to your system (if isn't), then in FOP config at renderer section of your PCL config ("application/x-pcl" NOT "application/vnd.hp-PCL") remove any font configuration. For PDF renderer section use auto-detect.

Best regards, Szeak

The pdf output works fine but the plc doesn't.

plc output

pdf ouput

the target-resolution is set to 300 dpi, i think this is more than enough.

any ideas to improve the quality of the plc output?

java version 1.6.0_24
fop 2.1
Linux version 2.6.32

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