Hi Luca

We have no control over the source PDF being embedded.  They are often (but not 
always) exported as PDF from Excel.  And done by our clients, not us.

Do we have any other options?  Either via fixups to FOP or bug notifications to 
iOS browsers (I’m gonna guess chromium).


From: Luca Bellonda <lbello...@gmail.com>
Sent: 16 August 2022 14:47
To: fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Subject: Re: Corrupt font display on iOS when using PDF-Images with 


Hello the PDF is visible on Linux viewers and browsers, but the fonts are 
embedded as subset in both the source PDFs and as fully embedded in the final 
PDF with the fonts merged.

The name of the font in the source pdf for example is BCDEEE+Calibri-Bold, 
compatible with embedded subsets (6 chars and a plus sign).

The name of the font in the merged file is Calibri-Bold, which should identify 
it as fully embedded.

I guess the wrong viewer is not able to deal with the character decoding, 
thinking to use a fully embedded font.

Please, try generating the source PDFs embedding the whole fonts and not a 


Il giorno mar 16 ago 2022 alle ore 13:13 Mark Gibson 
<mark.gib...@staff.bluematrix.com<mailto:mark.gib...@staff.bluematrix.com>> ha 


Viewing in Windows browsers is fine
Viewing in iOS browsers is corrupt
Viewing in Adobe app on iOS and windows is fine
Apologies, no access to Linux devices to test viewing

Same issue occurs when running FOP 2.7 on Linux (CentOS) and Windows (10)

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