Does anyone have any ideas on this?  Would be good to get some indication, even 
if it’s can’t fix.


From: Mark Gibson <mark.gib...@staff.bluematrix.com>
Sent: 17 November 2022 23:33
To: fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Subject: pdf-images injecting PDF as image with gradient fill component - 
gradient displays incorrectly when scaling image


I’ve been testing with FOP 2.7 and 2.8, trying to inject a PDF containing an 
image in to the rendered PDF, using fo:external-graphic

The pdf image has a gradient fill component.

When scaling the fo:external-graphic using width=”x%”, the gradient fill is not 
displayed properly.

I’ve created https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-3108 with all the 
details, including a very small reproduction.

I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, but please feel free to disabuse me of 
that notion.  All help and suggestions welcomed.


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