I was willing to install my version of salt-smart-proxy plugin.
And basically the question is:
*How to do this? ELI5*

so spare me that (I suggest making it clear that package installation is 
fundamentally different that source install).
After some time I've discovered that gem installing my smart_proxy_salt 
doesn't do anything.
Cloning smart-proxy repo, adding gem 'smart_proxy_salt' to 
Gemfile.local.rb, adding settings files to *config* dir and doing *bundle 
install *doesn't setup salt at all (refreshing smart-proxy in foreman gui 
doesn't show salt *feature*)

Where for the God's sake you actually PLUG your plugin to smart-proxy ? 
Where is it configured? How salt-proxy knows about external plugins?
Who calls lib/proxy/plugin_initializer.rb resolve_providers method? 

Is it possible to write plugins in different than ruby language? Is it 
possible to call other languages from within ruby ?

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