On 18/09/16 22:03, lakier wrote:
> Hi,
> I was willing to install my version of salt-smart-proxy plugin.
> And basically the question is:
> *How to do this? ELI5*
> *
> *
> I've
> read 
> http://projects.theforeman.org/projects/foreman/wiki/How_to_Install_a_Smart-Proxy_Plugin
> so spare me that (I suggest making it clear that package installation is
> fundamentally different that source install).
> After some time I've discovered that gem installing my smart_proxy_salt
> doesn't do anything.

The gem has to be installed, but you also need a bundler.d/ entry to
load it (e.g.
and a configuration file in settings.d/ to activate it.

> Cloning smart-proxy repo, adding gem 'smart_proxy_salt' to
> Gemfile.local.rb, adding settings files to /config/ dir and doing
> /bundle install /doesn't setup salt at all (refreshing smart-proxy in
> foreman gui doesn't show salt /feature/)

"bundle install" doesn't list smart_proxy_salt? If so, check that the
entry in your Gemfile.local.rb is correct and that it's at

Check the smart proxy log file, particularly on debug mode rather than
using the list of enabled features in Foreman. The logs will show if any
modules are failing to load, or being loaded but are disabled, plus
using Foreman requires you to have an equivalent Foreman plugin
installed that can recognise the smart proxy feature.

> Where for the God's sake you actually PLUG your plugin to smart-proxy ?
> Where is it configured?

Adding the plugin gem to the Gemfile loads the code and registers the
plugin at startup.

> Who calls lib/proxy/plugin_initializer.rb resolve_providers method? 

This is an internal smart proxy function, called at startup.

> Is it possible to write plugins in different than ruby language?


> Is it possible to call other languages from within ruby ?

Probably - like most languages, Ruby has many methods to run other
executables and could call other APIs.

Dominic Cleal

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