Thanks all, and sorry for the delay. Some inline comments and the final draft attached separately :P

Ori Rabin wrote:
Maybe the question: How would you rate our user support? can have links instead of bringing back the do you know our IRC question?

I like that, added.

Tomas Strachota wrote:
+1 for the raffle. It motivates you to respond even on the last day of
the survey.

Good point.

How about raffle for the foreman t-shirts? Or is it too
common and everybody already has one from conferences?

They (and stickers) are what we give out for free, and seems somewhat stingy :)

I have a budget for a couple of decent items, 2 or 3 depending on price. The question is what? It needs to be something available in multiple countries (because that is likely cheaper than shipping from elsewhere), a nice thing to win, and relevant to us. My current thinking is something like a RaspberyyPi3 / oDroid / etc for running your own ARM Foreman server on :P - thoughts?

Neil Hanlon wrote:
+1 for raffle and contributor survey. (I don't have a t-shirt... Yet...)

Let me fix that for you - ping me an address and size :)

In general, it's been my experience that people who are going
to complete surveys will complete them regardless of length. By
that I mean most people won't be swayed into doing a survey because
it's short unless they already planned on completing it going in.
I know everyone is busy, but 15 minutes for something most users probably
use multiple times a day isn't really that much to ask.

That's a great point. I've converted the draft to a multi-page format, and tidied up the group to something which I hope is logical. It's also enabled me to re-add many of the things I dropped due to trying to be brief.

Ohad Levy wrote:
can we take back the input from Shlomi's tread about what people are annoyed by, break it into categories, and have a question

Originally I wanted to leave this as an open text field ("what needs fixing?") but I think we can combine it. I've added a few suggestions from the thread and an Other box too.

Eric D Helms wrote:
Some question in line below. Could we add some questions around smart
proxies? I don't know that I have any idea about:

Great point. Page added for Proxies, and since it's short I put the Hammer and API questions there too.

The plugin question would cover which configuration management project
users use, but it wouldn't indicate Puppet usage and Puppet 3 vs
Puppet 4 usage in our ecosystem. A question around those two might be

I added just one, but if there's more sing out.
+! to splitting out the OS distros into versions (e.g. RHEL6, RHEL7,
Fedora 24, CentOS 6, Debian Jessie) as that gives us a better idea of
where to focus and may help some plugins decide on what they want to
focus their support on.


Would it be worth asking an open ended question about what users pain
points are? I suppose the foreman-users post did this but still might
be worth it in the official survey.

Added as part of the final "What else would you like add?" question to highlight pain points are definitely worth mentioning.

Something to consider to help Katello developers would be a question
around how many users do not currently manage content but plan to in
the future. You could perhaps ask this more broadly about plugins that
users plan to add to their environments.

That's a good question. The plugin page is already huge, so I wonder if it makes more sense in the "wrap-up" section? For now, I've added an open question to the main first page.

Do you Use Locations / Organization features?

Why drop this question? Given how hotly some developers discuss this,
I think this is valuable data.

I don't think there's anything new here. We gathered good feedback which (to me) confirmed that moving to a tag-based system wouldn't break many (if any) setups. Simply asking the same broad question again won't extend that, I don't think - but if you've got something more specific you'd like to ask, I can add it.

I'm mocking this up in Google Forms at the moment, but the markdown is attached. I'll publish next week if there are no major concerns :)

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# Draft Survey

## Page 1 - Foreman Core & Support

How long have you been using Foreman?
* 3 months
* 6 months
* 1 year
* 2 years
* 3+ years

How many people use Foreman in your organization
* 1-4
* 5-9
* 10-49
* 50+

What Foreman version are you using?
* nightly
* 1.14
* 1.13
* 1.12
* older

How many nodes do you manage with Foreman?
* 0-9
* 10-49
* 50-199
* 200-499
* 500-999
* 1000-9999
* 10000-19999
* 20000+

What operating system do your Foreman servers use?
* CentOS
* Fedora
* Debian
* Ubuntu
* Other (specify)

What operating system(s) do your nodes use? (select all)
* CentOS
* Fedora
* Debian
* Ubuntu
* Other (specify)

What geographical area are you in?
* Europe
* N America
* S America
* Africa
* Asia
* Oceania

Would you accept Foreman gathering anonymous usage stats to help improve the
project? This would have an opt-out and a way to see the data before sending
(see for a proposed design)
* Yes
* No
* Other (specify)
How would you rate our user support? [1-5 score]
* Mailing List -!forum/foreman-users
* IRC -
* Website -
* Docs -

How well do major releases (e.g. 1.13, 1.14) meet your needs? [1-5 score]
* Frequency
* Features
* Bugs fixed
* Stability

Any other feedback about our support and documentation? [text]

Overall, how well does Foreman meets your requirements? [text]

What are you plans for Foreman in the next 12 months? What plugins, core
features, or integrations are you considering? [text]

What's the most important thing you'd like to see done next in Foreman?
* UI improvements (full-width UI, customizable tables, etc)
* Parameter changes (smart params for hostgroups/domains/etc, matchers for 
types, structured fact matcthers etc)
* API improvements (standardisation, reusable returns, etc)
* Focus on bugs/stability instead of features (including triage/closing on very 
old bugs)
* Other (specify)

Do you have any additional comments or special requests? Any pain points we 
should fix? [text]

## Page 2 - Foreman Plugins

Below is a list of plugins (from wiki/List_of_Plugins) - please check the ones 
you use (or None) [there are a lot but they're in alphabetical order - you can 
see your current plugin list on the About page of your Foreman UI]

* None
* I didn't know there were plugins
* foreman_abrt
* foreman_ansible
* foreman_audited_notifications
* foreman_bootdisk
* foreman_chef
* foreman_cockpit
* foreman_column_view
* foreman_custom_banner
* foreman_custom_parameters
* foreman_default_hostgroup
* foreman_dhcp_browser
* foreman_discovery
* foreman_epel_release
* foreman_expire_hosts
* foreman_graphite
* foreman_hooks
* foreman_host_extra_validator
* foreman_host_overview
* foreman_host_rundeck
* foreman_memcache
* foreman_monitoring
* foreman_noenv
* foreman_omaha
* foreman_openscap
* foreman_ovirt
* foreman_param_lookup
* foreman_pipeline
* foreman_plugin_computeresource
* foreman_plugin_exec_cmd
* foreman_radiator
* foreman_remote_execution
* foreman_reserve
* foreman_resources
* foreman_salt
* foreman_sentry
* foreman_setup
* foreman_slack
* foreman_templates
* hostgroup_extra_validator_foreman
* hubot_notify
* katello
* puppetdb_foreman
* Other (specify)

## Page 3 - Smart Proxies / Hammer / API

How many proxies do you have?
* 0
* 1
* 2-4
* 5-9
* 10+

What features do you use on your proxies?
* Facts
* Logs
* Puppet
* PuppetCA
* Realm
* Templates
* Other (specify)

Below is a list of smart proxy plugins (from wiki/List_of_Plugins) - please 
check the ones you use (or None)
* smart_proxy_dhcp_infoblox
* smart_proxy_dns_infoblox
* smart_proxy_dns_powerdns
* smart_proxy_dns_route53
* smart_proxy_pulp
* smart_proxy_vault

If you use Puppet, do you use Puppet 3 or Puppet 4 (this helps with estimating 
work on the various puppet providers in the proxy)
* We don't have any Puppet proxies
* Mainly Puppet 3
* Mainly Puppet 4
* A mix of both

Do you use Hammer (the Foreman CLI tool)? [y/n]
* Yes
* No

How would you like to see Hammer improved? [text]

Do you use the API? [y/n]

How would you like to see the API improved? [text]

## Page 4 - Compute Resources

Below is a list of CRs - please check the ones you use
* We don't do any provisioning
* Bare metal
* Amazon EC2
* Azure
* DigitalOcean
* Docker
* Google Compute Engine
* Libvirt
* OpenNebula
* OpenStack
* oVirt
* Rackspace
* VMware
* Xen

## Page 5 - Contributor survey

Do you contribute to Foreman in some way?
* Yes
* No
* I would like to

What areas of Foreman do you currently contribute to / want to get
started on?
* Bug reporting / triage
* Testing (RCs, nightly)
* Translations
* Installer
* Packaging
* Core
* Proxy
* Plugins
* Other (specify)

Rate the following, for ease of use [1-5]
* Finding documentation
* Building a dev environment (eg via
* Reporting / working on bugs
* Submitting PRs & bot feedback
* Getting help
* Getting developer feedback

Are you aware of the following development resources?
* Handbook -
* Wiki -
* Deep dives -
* Community Demos -

What's your biggest problem with contributing that we need to solve? [text]

Any other contributing comments? [text]

## Page 6 - Contact

Thanks for filling out the survey!

May we have an email address to contact you? This is *absolutely* optional, but 
if you want a chance to win a prize in the raffle. The addresses will be 
discarded once
the raffle is concluded. [text]

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