In my understanding Apache Fortress claims the sovereignty over creating
users. Thats just fine but i see a problem here. After reading the docs here


there is no way of assigning custom auxialiary object classes or
attributes to the user. The user just represents inetOrgPerson which in
most of the cases will be fine.

In our scenario users MUST have two extra auxialiary object classes and
some extra attributes set to be a valid user. ( I know about ftProps but
these represent no attributes )

I am writing an adapter which transfers users from different systems
into Apache Fortress by using the AdminMgr. My problem is calling
addUser may create a valid inetOrgPerson object

but not a valid user object for our system. I would need to make an
extra LDAP call to assign this object classes and attributes. This would
even make the web interface quite unusable for our admins

beacause we can not manage our users on a central place. Apache Fortress
may create a valid inetOrgPerson but i would need an extra UI or config
tool to set the other

object classes.

What can i do about this ?

Thank u

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