> On Oct 18, 2016, at 9:15 AM, Patrick Brunmayr <p.brunm...@linzag.at> wrote:
> In my understanding Midpoint should not be responsible to take care of 
> fortress attributes like ftProps or something else. Its up to the connector 
> to make a transparent transfer
> between the two systems in an API like way. So whenever something needs to be 
> altered in Fortress the way should be via the AdminMg. Also the conenctor is 
> responsible to
> define what kind of schema it want to provide to midpoint. There is no need 
> to sync ftPros or something else.

Let’s assume that we decide it’s a good idea to extend the fortress api to 
support custom user aux objects.  What would that change look like?

user add and update methods have some sort of call back for you to add your 
custom attributes to the ldap entity.

What else - user page in fortress web?  Or can midpoint handle the data 
collection part with its UI?


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