Different color for occurences is already implemnted. I did it today. Font
color will stay as standard font 

Thanks a lot!

I though about the min, length, I tested it, but when you want to seach for any
special char, is better to highlight from 1 char. We will see for other users
reaction. I don't want to make another tons of options

I understand the idea of searching for special chars, but if you highlight from
1 character upwards, you will highlight an incredible amount. Already from 2
characters on, much less hits are found, and the editor is not so full of
highlights. If the user can choose the minimum length, everyone can set it as
they like.

_- Highlighting is case sensitive_

Can you please switch that to case insensitive? So that different spellings are
also found, e.g: "*[color=#0000ff]MSGBOX, MsgBox, msgbox,[/color]* ..." or
"[i][color=#0000ff]IF, If, if; THEN, Then, then; OR, Or, or; AND, And,
and;[/color][/i] ..." etc.

Sometimes you write like this, sometimes like this. Or if you are working with
several people on a script, everyone writes differently. Therefore all spellings
should be found.

_- Highlighting if only whitespace is selected._

Can you change it so that nothing is highlighted if the selection is whitespace
only? On the screenshot you can see how chaotic this can look, if you select
only 1 space for example.


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