Thanks for this really important feature, it's a great help!

Could you please add 2 settings to the feature? 

_- Minimum length from which is highlighted._

This is good, so that it is not already highlighted when you select 1 letter. It
doesn't flicker so much if the highlighting starts only after you have selected
at least 3 letters.

[b]- Different colors for highlighting occurrences than for the selected

On the one hand this is important to make the feature "quieter" by giving the
highlighting a subtle color, on the other hand it makes it easier to see which
is the selected text. For example, if you have scrolled a little, you will know
better which is the text you are currently editing. 

I have created two photomontages as suggestions.


This could also be useful: 

_- No highlighting if only spaces/tabs are selected._


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