I just noticed this error using 5.5.1 (787) 32bit, Win 7, but unfortunately, I
am not able to identify the exact step, where it appeared.

In a bash file an original list of filenames was extended to lines using regular
expression replacement -
the original item "JT" should become:

./cmd/rnn-tagger-middle-high-german.sh ./vert_files/JT.txt >

The replacement worked on several hundreds of lines, but in this one line these 
places were replaced unexpectedly:

/cmd/rnn-tagger-middle-high-german.sh vert_files/ÿ.t睲.txt >

./cmd/rnn-tagger-middle-high-german.sh ./vert_files/ÿ .t睲.txt >
./tagged_vert_files/ÿ .t睲_rnn_tagged.txt

These are different copies of the same distorted line (not sure, whether they
can be pasted via website).


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