I also tried a build with VS2010 targeting Windows 64-bit. The resulting fossil.exe does appear to be a 64-bit executable, and after some fussing and remembering to run the tests from outside the fossil source tree, passes all but one JSON test case. I built it for testing using minizip, with JSON, and without SSL.

In the course of fussing, I learned that .tcl files are associated with wish not tclsh, which made the test cases more confusing since that made the command prompt detach the test runner. Since I do have a copy of ed installed, ammend.test attempted to use it, and failed in that case because wish does something strange with stdin and stdout....

Running the tests with tclsh was all good.

On 10/14/2016 7:47 AM, Richard Hipp wrote:
The final SQLite 3.15.0 is not checked into the Fossil trunk.  Is it
an appropriate time to release version 1.36 of Fossil?

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