On Tue, October 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm, "Laurens Van Houtven"
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> Hi Richard,
> First of all thanks for your reply.
> The branch you linked me looks great and almost like something that
> would work wonders, but I do not understand conceptually why the
> branch is "open" and not "closed".

To me, this looks like a feature branch - when a sensible subset is
complete and tested you can merge to the trunk (or some other line) and
still go on to the rest of the feature. Possible the branch checkin that
was merged in should have a tag "naming" the completed subset of the
feature. The feature isn't finished yet so the branch is still open.

Actually I think there is a small issue that leaves can be closed, but not
branches, so if the only descendant of the "last" checkin in the branch is
the trunk checkin resulting from the merge, there is no way to "close" the
branch. Also nothing stops you re-using _any_ branch name later.



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