2013/7/25 Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>:
> Native, pure-blooded windows binaries run just fine on cygwin, right?  So
> why are we complicating the code with exceptions, special cases, and hacks
> for cygwin?

There are three things that a windows fossil binary can never do
in the Cygwin environment:
1) handle Cygwin (Unix) links and mount points
2) setting the Windows file-system case-sensitive (use both "Makefile"
and "makefile")
3) use a Cygwin program as commit/stash editor

For me personally those 3 things are not important, but apparently
(see earlier messages in this thread) for other people it is. Unfortunately!

I'm trying to find out what the minimum patch is to get the Cygwin build
of fossil (both 32-bit and 64-bit) working again, so fossil can be
built out-of-the box on Cygwin again. Of course, any feedback
is welcome.

        Jan Nijtmans
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