2014-02-20 14:39 GMT+01:00 Samuel Debionne <samuel.debio...@ujf-grenoble.fr>:
> Hello all,
> Compiling Fossil with the latest MinGW32 (that includes MinGW Runtime >
> 4.0) seems not to require _USE_32BIT_TIME_T.
> Actually Fossil builds without error but will crash at runtime with any
> commands that browses the filesystem tree (vfile_scan). This is because
> the definition of _wdirent in fossil and in mingw does not match (one
> using 32 bits time and the other 64 bits). This may be a regression of
> MinGW Runtime...

Did you try it on Windows XP too?  -D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T is needed to
stay compatible with Windows XP. Starting with Vista everything works.

Yes it's a regression in MinGW, see:

     Jan Nijtmans
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