I was wondering how many of you use 'open --nested' to have nested workdirs?

A bit of background:

A long time ago I asked here how/why/if people divided multiple-target
project-trees into repos; some (like me) use one big repo for all, and
some use many small repos.

So this is not a real question let alone a fossil-specific one...
Reason for asking is that I sometimes find myself going through
changes between releases, and since I develop almost everything on
trunk, the timeline-change overview between 'doc X version N' and 'doc
X version N+1' so to say (each being tags) is naturally peppered with
changes to other parts of the workdir, e.g. source,
reference-material, pictures, whatnot.

There was talk of giving the '/timeline' page something like a 'glob='
parameter a while ago, filtering out unwanted stuff. That would make
going over diffs easier, but since the result would not be a
consistent timeline anymore, I wonder if this would be a good idea,
and whether my workflow is not fundamentally flawed.

So...  development of each target into its own branch (where branches
could have contents in mutually exclusive dirs, e.g. 'docs', 'src',
...) is perhaps an option, or using different repos altogether, be it
in nested workdirs or not?

Ideas are welcome - assuming the above makes a bit sense,
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