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> Its not really a shared disk. I described it because what I have in mind
> is similar to sharing a disk. In practice, the data is stored on the p2p
> network, spread all over the place. However, each user with access has
> the option of seeing it appear as a virtual drive - hence like a shared
> disk.
> The access will occur over TCP/IP, but as the network is p2p, the
> endpoints don't communicate directly, and don't know anything about each
> other apart from an anonymous address. All communications is encrypted,
> and independent of existing internet DNS, routing etc.
> Machines will also be able to exchange messages, but my aim is for the
> p2p network to take the *role* of the server, so a client machine can
> clone a repo without any other client machine being involved - just
> cloning directly off the p2p storage. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to
> clone your repo unless you were online. I say *role*, because the
> network cannot host the Fossil server, it can only run on a client.
> Hope that's clearer! :)

Sounds interesting. Please post a URL about this SAFE Network. I've tried
searching, but getting many "competing" "safe networks".
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