I think, I’m beginning to really like this little gem, can’tbelieve with all 
these features it’s just a single 2MB executable!

Backing up a little bit, for those poor souls stillanguished by that MAX_PATH 
limit on Windows like me, it seems fossil ‘almost’solved it last year (several 
commits by jan.nijtmans). But still, when facedwith very long nested folders, 
fossil aborts with an "unable to createdirectory …" error. 
This happens only when creating directories. Fossil handleslong path pretty 
well when working on individual files. These all occur inutf8.c and I believe 
just one little paragraph from MSDN was overlooked:

“When using an API to create a directory, the specified pathcannot be so long 
that you cannot append an 8.3 file name (that is, thedirectory name cannot 
exceed MAX_PATH minus 12).”

So I just added a "-12" to two occurrences of MAX_PATH in utf8.cand that fixed 
the issue on my machine (Fossil 1.34, Win7, MSVC 2013). I don’t know how often 
one bumps into this, but in Node.jsprojects, path for included modules (scores 
of them inside one another), can growto a ridiculously long unwieldy length 
very fast.
Can't thank you enough, all involved.

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