I know, I know, here we go again looking to git, but this is a question
concerning clean comments on commits.

When using git, you're suggested to write comments in the form of:

Subject Line (recommended as short, 50 to 75 characters long single line)

Description (whatever you want to put here)

Then you can do git log (and get the timeline with all the descriptions
included, keeping the newlines visible), or git log --oneline, to print
just the subject.

Fossil lets you add a multi-line comment, by making fossil ci, without
passing the -m parameter. It then proceeds to store the newlines in the
database, but then the newlines are not displayed.

I've been trying to do this at least on the fossil web server timeline
results, but my knowledge of CSS is limited, and even so, I believe it
would be an ugly CSS patch.

I believe having the flexibility of making more verbose descriptions while
keeping the subject line clean is a "best practice" that could be useful.
Am I wrong about that?

Am I missing something from the settings or something that can produce
those results?
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