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> Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 01:06:26 +0100
> From: Gilles <codecompl...@free.fr>
> Subject: Re: [fossil-users] Windows GUI that allows diff between two
>         revisions?
> On 13/02/2018 00:33, Richard Hipp wrote:
> > On 2/12/18, Gilles <codecompl...@free.fr> wrote:
> >> Fuel* doesn't support diffing two revisions of a file in the repository:
> >>
> >> https://s14.postimg.org/h528wio5t/Fossil.Fuel.diff.two.revisions.png
> >>
> >> Since it hasn't been updated since 2015… is there another Windows GUI
> >> application that supports this?
> > Well, you could run "fossil ui", then surf to the page that shows a
> > complete history of the file in question, with its timeline, then
> > click on the timeline graph node for the first version (so that it
> > gets a red dot in the center) then click on the timeline graph node
> > for the second version.
> >
> > That's what I always do, anyhow.
> Thanks for the tip.
> ....
> So at this point, there is simply no Windows GUI that supports diffing
> two revisions of a file that's been checked in? IOW, if I'd like to diff
> two versions of a file with Fuel, I should do this while it's still
> checked out ?

As best I recall, Fuel uses "fossil ui" (or "fossil server") behind the
scenes, so any feature of "fossil ui" should also be usable in Fuel.

It has been years since I looked at Fuel (as an option for co-workers who
dislike the command line), so I'm not 100% sure, but I do remember Fuel
having an embedded web browser to display content from "fossil ui". I
thought Fuel's design somewhat "clunky". My co-workers said it was more
confusing than using the Fossil command line.

However, since "fossil ui" already provides most of a good GUI, maybe a
framework like electronjs.org could be used to create a Windows GUI for
Fossil that integrates the functionality of both "fossil ui" and the Fossil
command line in a seamless fashion.

FYI, Electron is a framework, based on the open source Chromium browser
(which is also the base for the Chrome browser), for "converting" a
web-base application into a desktop application. Also, Electron supports
all 3 of Windows, MacOS and Linux.

I've never tried it, but a friend of mine showed me an application built
using Electron.
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