On Feb 12, 2018, at 11:07 PM, Matt Welland <m...@kiatoa.com> wrote:
> The most recent use case I found was to solve the annoying problem of
> having some changes that are not quite ready to commit and needing to
> move to another computer.

I just use branches for that.  My rule is that trunk should always build, as 
should long-lived stable branches, but all other branches are a free-for-all 
zone, which only have to build just prior to being merged back into their 
parent branch.

The advantage of this over your method is that when I find myself needing a 
checkpoint across work days or to move work from one machine to another, 
chances are good that I actually need 2+ checkins to stabilize it.  (Common 
case: I check in something that works fine on my local machine but which breaks 
when built on a different platform.)

I wouldn’t really want to have to pull individual patches out of fossil uv and 
apply them in the correct order.  That just feels like pre-VCS thinking to me.  
I remember needing to manually apply patches in a very specific order.  I don’t 
want to go back to those days.

> I'd like to be able to pass
> filename(s) to the unversioned sync or pull commands to retrieve only a
> specific file or files. 

wget https://example.com/uv/path/to/my/file.txt

where example.com is the the base URL of your central Fossil instance.
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