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> With fossil 2.5, it seems that "fossil json timeline checkin" does not
> show deleted files in a checkin, but "fossil timeline -t ci" does:
> ...So which is it? A bug? A "feature"? Or just a PEBCAK error...? :-)

i _think_ what happened here is that at the time (late 2011) is that the
timeline page didn't list deleted files, and the json timeline simply
adopted that behaviour. i may be misremembering, but i can't conceive of
another reason i may have left that out. Unfortunately, i'm still on
long-term medical leave for a severe case of RSI in both arms, so my typing
is limited and my programming even more so, so i can't personally commit to
correcting this for the foreseeable future. (That's not to say that someone
else couldn't do it, though!)

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