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>> With fossil 2.5, it seems that "fossil json timeline checkin" does not
>> show deleted files in a checkin, but "fossil timeline -t ci" does:
>> ...So which is it? A bug? A "feature"? Or just a PEBCAK error...? :-)
> i _think_ what happened here is that at the time (late 2011) is that the
> timeline page didn't list deleted files, and the json timeline simply
> adopted that behaviour. i may be misremembering, but i can't conceive of
> another reason i may have left that out. ...

More details...

The JSON docs:


Say that each file's state is reported as one of the strings (modified,
added, removed). A quick glance through the related code:


suggests that it "looks okay". However, a quick local test also shows that
a removed file is indeed not reported. The first suspect is the related


i don't recall (it's been far too long) whether or not that catches deleted
files, nor how to make it do so if it doesn't. Anyone wanting to look into
it should start there, though.

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