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> 1. I have some Wiki/MD files created from the web UI.  Can I move them to the 
> source tree and still keep access to them from the web UI?

That’s the whole point of the embedded documentation feature:



1. Everything in Fossil’s own permuted index is embedded documentation:


2. Scroll to the bottom on the home page of my PiDP-8/I project; much of the is 
embedded documentation, which you can tell by the “/pidp8i/doc/trunk” prefixes 
in the URLs:


Many of those links are also to unversioned content, which provides a useful 
tradeoff in some cases:


> And the reverse.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that.

If you’re simply asking if you can take an embedded document’s content and 
create a wiki article from it, of course you can.  The URL will change, but if 
that’s a problem, you can fix that at the front-end proxy layer with URL 
rewriting.  The URL aliasing feature added in 2.4 might also help.  (Admin > 
URL Aliases.) 

> 2. I have some Wiki/MD files in the source tree (which I can see with the 
> http://repo/doc/version/filename.[md/wiki] link) but I cannot figure out how 
> to associate that link as a Wiki page shown in the Wiki list of the Web 
> interface.

The wiki and embedded docs are different things, useful for different purposes.

A document goes in the wiki when its history is not tied to the history of the 
repository itself: when you roll back to a prior version in the timeline, 
“fossil ui” continues to show the newest version of all wiki documents, whereas 
embedded documentation rolls back to contemporaneous versions.  Therefore, use 
the wiki for “evergreen” content, and the embedded documentation feature for 
documentation that evolves in lockstep with the repository content.

The examples above both show how you can have a common list of documentation 
that points to multiple sources.  My project’s example shows a manually-curated 
list, whereas the Fossil project example shows an automatically-generated 
index, done with the www/mkindex.tcl script in the Fossil source tree.

> 3. Is there a more ‘immediate’ command-line method to review my source-tree 
> Wiki/MD file(s) before committing my changes?
> I mean some way to see how the Wiki/MD will actually show.  Can I do ‘fossil 
> ui’ followed by some option to do this?

You’re looking for the “ckout” special name, documented here:


You use it in place of “version” in the example URLs you give in your original 
post, rather than “trunk” or some other version tag.
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