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> Does this make sense? At least from a workflow perspective?

Personally, i don't think so ;), but i tend to be admittedly pessimistic
when it comes to "oddball setups".

How do you expect to sync changes with such users? How do you expect to
handle multiple copies of the binary (i.e. multiple copies of the repo) on
each user's machine? At some point they'll overwrite one fossil bin with
another one, thereby losing any changes they had made to the first.
Upgrading the binary should not destroy any associated data, and that's
exactly what will happen if all users aren't 100% careful with their copies
of the binary.

If it's truly static and users only have read-only access to the data, then
it's far simpler for them to forego the binary altogether and use
http://your-IP to connect to a central copy running on your workstation.

"Can of worms" is what immediately comes to mind. An interesting idea, i
admit, but "can of worms" trumps "interesting" for me.

----- stephan beal
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