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> OR (my use case now) I can provide one executable on that they start
> locally
> on their computer and point their web-browser to the localhost url. BAM
> documentation including version information. no handling of individual
> files
> no export, no version mix-up. And I can use all the nice features of fossil
> to render the embedded docs and serve static files.

On Windows (which is what the "non-technical" people will probably be
running) you cannot write to an executable file while it is running.
Hence, the appended Fossil repository will need to be read-only.  But,
for your use case, maybe that will be ok.

To make this useful, we'd want to rig up Fossil to check for an
appended repo when it is started with no arguments and automatically
runs "fossil ui $self" if it finds an appended repo.  That way, when
the non-user double-clicks on the "drexler-reports.exe" icon, the
starting web screen immediately pops up in their preferred browser.

Problem areas:

(1) The server keeps running until the user shuts it down.  And there
is no way to shut it down from the web interface.  And even if there
was a way to close the server from the web interface, the user might
just close their web browser and that would still leave the background
server running.

(2) When you double-click on the "drexler-reports.exe" icon (which is
really "fossil.exe" with the repo appended) Windows will pop up a DOS
box for you.  Converting "fossil.exe" into a windows program that does
not automatically start a DOS box involves magic that I am not up on.
D. Richard Hipp
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