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> we all sell the value of fossil partly because it has a wiki

The current wiki is great for evergreen content: information whose lifetime
is independent of that of the software being discussed. Whenever the
documentation must evolve in lockstep with the software it describes, you
should use the embedded documentation feature
<https://www.fossil-scm.org/xfer/doc/trunk/www/embeddeddoc.wiki> instead.

We could heal this dichotomy if, after saying something like "fossil up
2017-06-05", the wiki as presented by "fossil ui" would show the wiki
documents contemporaneous with that checkout. Then it wouldn't much matter
whether you chose wiki or embedded docs.

and ticket system

The problem there is spam.

With the upcoming email and forum features, that problem may be solved by
requiring an email-verified login before someone can create a ticket, so
that it is no longer necessary to have a human gatekeeper on the ticket

I'm no better on my personal projects...

I am. ;)  I use the wiki and ticket tracker on both public and private
Fossil repos.

No one's spammed my public Fossil ticket tracker yet, but as I recall, it's
set up to require a valid user login to create tickets.
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