On 2018-06-28 07:11, Richard Hipp wrote:
On 6/28/18, Lester L. Martin II <i...@amlegion.org> wrote:
This patch changes the way `void artifact_page(void)` renders a files
Formerly a `<blockquote><pre>` was issued for content, whereas now a
`<blockquote><pre><code class=$ext>` is issued where $ext is the file's
extension (example, "blah.lua" extension would be "lua").

But then the syntax highlighting goes away if you select line numbering, no?

Indeed. The entire code dealing with adding in line numbering would need
reworking to enable it (and probably updates to CSS as well). I might can
look into getting that working as well. I actually think there would be
a way that would be simpler than IIRC prefixing each line with spaces and
the number and then more spaces.

Lester L. Martin II
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