On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 11:40:01AM -0700, Sam Putman wrote:
> As a target, I would suggest the emitted html look as much like this
> as possible:
> view-source:https://github.com/jvirkki/libbloom/blob/master/bloom.c
> The actual code block begins at line 821.
> This style of markup is a de-facto standard and leads to a linking
> style that would greatly aid migration from git if fossil could adhere
> to it.

My example was nothing but off the top of my head equivalent to
pseudocode (except I think the code was all valid HTML around valid C).
Only the class names change between my version and this version, apart
from some extra details like data-line-number and id properties, in any
case.  That means I was evidently thinking identically (in principle) to
the thoughts of whoever wrote the code that produced your example.

I'm not sure how this has any effect on migration from git to fossil,
though.  Git export and Fossil import wouldn't touch this code.  Are you
talking about some kind of external tools being able to interact with
this code in the browser?  If so, the classes involved probably come
from whatever JS library is used for syntax highlighting anyway, rather
than from something like code internal to Fossil (unless syntax
highlighting gets implemented in C as part of Fossil).

I guess the upshot is that I'm not sure what you mean, and all I've been
able to do so far is guess.

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