I've used fossil for years now with lots of commits to trunk and very few
very simple branches which tend to get merged right into trunk after only a
few commits. I have managed to get myself in a confusing place with one of
my projects.

Essentially what I did was to commit a change to a new branch, forget I was
in that branch and committed another unrelated change which should have
gone back to trunk but went into the branch. I then attempted to change
that latest commit by adding a 'trunk' tag and cancelling the new branch
tag. I'm pretty sure that was wrong, but I'm unsure now where to go with
this. I've tried a few other things to no avail, but now even after
executing 'fossil update trunk' the 'fossil branch' command shows I'm still
in the new branch.

So I have two problems to solve:
1) how do I properly move commits between branches (and to trunk, in my
2) how do I unfudge my current condition and get back to trunk?
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