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> Essentially what I did was to commit a change to a new branch, forget I was
> in that branch and committed another unrelated change which should have
> gone back to trunk but went into the branch.

I made that same mistake myself, recently.  See

Perhaps the best way to fix this is to cherry-pick the fix into trunk.

> then attempted to change
> that latest commit by adding a 'trunk' tag and cancelling the new branch
> tag. I'm pretty sure that was wrong, but I'm unsure now where to go with
> this. I've tried a few other things to no avail, but now even after
> executing 'fossil update trunk' the 'fossil branch' command shows I'm still
> in the new branch.
> So I have two problems to solve:
> 1) how do I properly move commits between branches (and to trunk, in my
> case)?

Cherry pick.

> 2) how do I unfudge my current condition and get back to trunk?

There is a way to undo your fudge.  But, since this comes up so
rarely, there is not a convenient interface.  That is something I
suppose I need to work on.

D. Richard Hipp
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