To create a link in the Markdown wiki, the syntax is [like this](url). That's all well and good, but what precisely does url need to be for one page to link to another? In writing embedded documentation, I've gotten used to relative paths, so in order to link /doc/trunk/doc/ to /doc/trunk/doc/, I write (

However, with the wiki, there's an issue. Most (if not all) of the links into the wiki use the ...?name=page syntax rather than the theoretically equivalent .../page syntax. This throws off relative paths entirely. Relative links between wiki pages will be different depending on which "equivalent" syntax was used to access the wiki.

Suppose wiki page foo wants to link to wiki page bar. If foo was accessed as wiki?name=foo, then it must link to (wiki?name=bar) or (wiki/bar). But if foo was accessed as wiki/foo, it must link to (bar), which it what I hoped would work all along.

To make intra-wiki links work regardless of which syntax is used to access the wiki, it appears it's necessary to use "absolute" (actually relative to the project root) paths: (/wiki?name=bar) or (/wiki/bar). This is not something I've had to deal with (yet?) when doing embedded documentation.

My preference would be for Fossil to never send the name query parameter to the user. If a name query parameter is received from the user, I think maybe Fossil should not call the webpage function (other than confirming that one exists) and instead immediately send a 301 Moved Permanently back to the user to rewrite the URL to use /.

Or maybe I'm missing something fundamental here.

There's one other style of relative link I'll mention: (?name=bar). This replaces the name query parameter. I don't think this would work very well if linked from /wiki/foo. Also it gets even weirder when clicking a link in the preview shown by wikiedit, since it takes the user to the editor for the target page. But this last would still occur should we replace all ?name= with /. To avoid that, the link would have to be either (/wiki/bar) or (../wiki/bar), though of course that last one combines the worst of all worlds.

For now, I'll make sure all my wiki links are to /wiki/whatever.

Note: I'm talking about Fossil version 83e3445f67 (2.1), since that's what Chiselapp uses.

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