The following test:

  tclsh test/tester.tcl fossil json

fails with:

/home/gumble/dev/fossil/fossil json --json-input anon-1
ERROR: child killed: segmentation violation
JSON ERROR: unexpected token ":" at position 1; expecting VALUE
test json-login-a-env-validJSON FAILED!
test test-framework-json FAILED!
!!!!! json: key "payload" not known in dictionary
-code       = 1
-level      = 0
-errorstack = INNER dictGet CALL {test_json_payload json-login-a
{authToken name capabilities loginCookieName} {}}
-errorcode  = TCL LOOKUP DICT payload
-errorinfo  = key "payload" not known in dictionary
    while executing
"dict get $::JR payload"
    (procedure "test_json_payload" line 2)
    invoked from within
"test_json_payload json-login-a {authToken name capabilities
loginCookieName} {}"
    (file "/home/gumble/dev/fossil/test/json.test" line 263)
    invoked from within
"source $testdir/$testfile.test"
-errorline  = 1"
***** End of json: 3 errors so far ******
***** Final results: 3 errors out of 121 tests
***** Considered failures: json-1 json-login-a-env-validJSON
***** Ignored results: 0 ignored errors out of 121 tests

The stack trace shows:

#0  0x000055d0cdf3c39e in cgi_set_cookie (
    zName=zName@entry=0x55d0ceaad160 "fossil-5617be7b37c6ab30",
zPath=0x0, lifetime=lifetime@entry=21600)
    at ./src/cgi.c:216
216         if( zPath[0]==0 ) zPath = "/";
#1  0x000055d0cdf835e2 in login_set_anon_cookie (zIpAddr=<optimized out>,
    zIpAddr@entry=0x0, zCookieDest=zCookieDest@entry=0x7ffef7822f88)
    at ./src/login.c:329
#2  0x000055d0cdf7daba in json_page_login () at ./src/json_login.c:151
#3  0x000055d0cdf7a89f in json_dispatch_root_command (
    zCommand=0x55d0ceac516c "login") at ./src/json.c:2209
#4  0x000055d0cdf7abab in json_cmd_top () at ./src/json.c:2313
#5  0x000055d0cdf2bb9e in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>)
    at ./src/main.c:760

Therefore, this commit
introduces the problem.
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