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I thought it interesting that he spoke of merging as if it were a
distinct task in the workflow for adding a file.

Did he check the file in on a branch and then merge it down to trunk?

No he did not, but after reading my email to this list, he told me he said merge because his git habit is to always work on a branch. I took that as an opening to discuss the difference between git and Fossil branches.

"...I'm reading the best practice for fossil is to leave the
deprecated .md in place?"  I'm not sure where he got the idea that
it's best to not delete files

It’s not Fossil-specific at all: once publicized, a URL should never
die, else you get broken links, if only from web crawlers that saw
that document once upon a time and then continue to return it in
search results.

Ah, that makes sense. Except, our project is private, and at the moment the two of us are the only ones with logins. Only the front page and the wiki are public, and I've been migrating most of our wiki stuff to the private areas because in my opinion it gives away too much secret sauce. Probably not worth shunning wiki history though.

"People don't much like this behavior, but it's what we have, and it
can be changed."

Did you make it clear that "it can be changed" means your codeveloper
can change it on his end, as opposed to waiting for someone to get
around to changing Fossil for him?

Yes, I told him the command to type to change the setting. Though at the time I was stupidly hoping that it was a versionable setting, in which case I could change it for him. Of course it's not, and I'm not asking for it to become one.

Two weeks ago, Fossil trunk was changed so that you no longer need to
reconfigure Fossil’s checkout tree to enable this:


I told him the binary he downloaded from the website probably wouldn't have the ability to change the setting on the fly and that I might have to provide him with more current binaries. Though I'll have to leave it to him to make his own macOS binary, since I'm only set up to build for Linux and Windows at the moment. (He uses macOS and Windows.)

Regarding fossil changes, he said, "If I get a carriage return/new
line with no prompt, does that mean there are no changes to apply?"
So there seems to be a bit of confusion, or at least hesitancy, about
fossil changes (probably also fossil extras) printing nothing.

That’s not a Fossil issue, it’s a Unix vs Windows issue:
traditionally-designed Unix programs often do their work silently if
no problem occurs and there is nothing to tell the user.

I am well aware. I'm just reporting new user experience. It really does drive me nuts when programs have a special case to report nothing since half the time I've got them talking to other programs (rather than a human) and I need to put in a matching special case to not treat "no changes found" as the name of a file being changed.

fossil sync website_design.md

That the sync command stores the given URL blindly here seems like a
UX bug to me.  Just as Fossil re-prompts for a password until it gets
one that works, it should not store the URL until it successfully uses
the given one to sync the local repo.

Very good point. And if we really do want to force the URL, for example in the rare case that the system is being prepared for remote sync'ing but the network or server isn't immediately available, that's what "fossil remote-url" is for.

This was easily fixed with fossil remote-url.

I’d have told your codeveloper to use “fossil sync URL” here instead,
so he could compare and contrast the incorrect and correct forms of
the command.

Hmm, right.  Good point.

By giving him a different command to back out, he may now be afraid to
use “fossil sync” entirely.

I already told him he should never need to use "fossil sync" manually. We've not gotten to the point of using any of the commands that don't sync on their own.

He's no dummy.  He's just trying to come out of the git fog.

the default of not deleting the file from disk is confusing to new users.

Yes, well, the argument’s been had for years here.  I take the recent
change on Fossil trunk as a sign that *eventually* the default will
change.  We shall wee.

Nice typo. ;^)

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