On 07/13/18 12:23, Warren Young wrote:
In my public Fossil projects, the policy is that any checkin that is
potentially destabilizing should be done on a branch, as should any
coherent line of work that will require multiple checkins to complete.
Trunk is ideally stable at all times, so as long as a checkin is
self-contained and trunk remains as stable as before, direct checkins
to trunk are fine.

That's a good policy, though in this situation all his check-ins have been project planning documentation. The code is my responsibility at this point. Also there's no worry about destabilization because we aren't stable to begin with. Once we have a working platform, I do plan to institute a policy like yours.

If your codeveloper is remote from you, I recommend that you relieve
Fossil of the burden of providing the capital-S security for your
project, laying that off on SSH or some VPN technology you trust

If the guy with the money believes Chiselapp's security is good enough for him, it's good enough for me, especially since I'd have made it fully public if it were entirely my decision. I just didn't want to put implementation details in a section that's expressly public.

For a different paid project much more strongly commercial in nature, I hosted Fossil myself to avoid trusting Chiselapp or any other such public host. 350MHz Pentium II with 256 megabytes RAM, by the way.

For off-site backups of private repositories, I use the attached
script.  Technically it violates my rule not to put private data on
publicly-accessible servers, but I trust AES, gpg, and my key to turn
that repository data into a blob of useless noise to anyone without
the key.

Thanks.  I may have need of that at some point.

I'll have to leave it to him to make his own macOS binary

Here’s the current trunk, built a couple of hours ago on a macOS
10.13.6 system:


It appears to be linked to the Homebrew version of OpenSSL, so he’ll
need to have that installed to run it.

Not up to me. I don't have macOS anywhere at home or at work. We used to have some vendor-supplied Mac Minis, but I think they were running Linux anyway.

There are two fairly common cases where he may need to sync manually:

1. Fossil UI -> edit wiki.
2. Ditto, but with tickets.

True, though he has just used Chiselapp directly so far, and is now focusing on checked-in documents instead. I'll have to remind him about the doc/ckout feature so he can preview his changes.

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