I am trying to register an account on the new forum, but am running into an issue with the captcha. I am blind and so am using screen reading software, and it won't read the captcha. Is there a way to either skip the captcha, or get an audio challenge?

Browsing/reading posts on the forum seems straightforward enough, and it's far less cluttered than many other forum implementations out there. Nice work!

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Philip Bennefall

On 7/31/2018 3:47 PM, Richard Hipp wrote:
I am about ready to merge the forum-v2 branch into trunk.  If there
are any objections, voice them quickly.

The forum-v2 branch implements a "forum" capability.  Here is a quick summary:

*  Messages are organized into threads.  The initial post of a thread
contains a title.  All subsequent posts omit the title, but have an
in-reply-to field.

*  Passers-by can post anonymously, or (depending on the
configuration) they can create a new account on-the-spot and post
using their new account.  The "self-register" feature has been in
Fossil for ages out of mind.  I forget who contributed it.  (It did
not come from me.)  Self-registration has been seldom used before now,
as far as I know.

*  Messages can be edited, either by the user who originally posted
the message, or by an administrator.

*  Each message is an artifact, using a new artifact class called
"Forum".  See 
for a description.  There are three new cards:  G, H, and I.

*  Because each message is an artifact, forum content syncs just like
everything else.

*  Forum message from untrusted users (ex: anonymous) can be held for
moderation.  Such messages are not synced nor may they be replied too,
until they are approved by a moderator.

*  Email notification is available for new forum posts.  Currently,
the alert emails contain a very brief synopsis of the post -
essentially just the title.  This can be enhanced later to provide the
complete text of the post, if that is seen as desirable.

*  Each forum message has a mimetype.  Currently supported mimetypes
are text/plain, text/markdown, and text/x-fossil-wiki.  New mimetypes
can be added later

The intent is to replace this mailing list, as well as various other
mailing lists (fossil-users, sqlite-users, sqlite-dev,
sqlite-announce) with the new forum feature.  I hope to shut down the
mailing lists and bring the forums all live within about a week.  So
if you have concerns, voice them soon.

This message was originally posted on a test-forum at
https://fossil-scm.org/forumtest1/forumpost/10fe5ccbc8 - please
consider posting follow-ups there, as a test of the new forum system.
If you encounter problems, reply to this legacy mailing list, or
directly to me via private email.

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