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One of the features of a Mail User Agent is to track what was read or not.
This is especially useful in large threads. And also many MUAs collapsed
older parts of the thread already read, while still allowing to re-expand
as the user's choice.

Do either of these important features exist in the new forum?
I revisited the forums after a few days, and it doesn't appear to do
either, no?

Then there's the "timeline" of a thread. Some MUAs (GMail) use a strict
ordering of the post, while the forum is ordered by time at the top-level,
but a in-reply-to
post (B) is always below the post one's replying to (A), which means newer
top-level posts
newer than A, but older than B, will appear out-of-time-order, unlike in

That's a major change for mailing list users. Could a strict "flat"
time-based ordering
be available, as an alternate view, replacing the in-reply-to nesting with
simply a link
to the replied-to post?

Thanks, --DD
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