The "Theming" page in Fossil's docs
has a typo:

> log_image_url - A URL for the logo image for this project, as configured on 
> the Admin/Logo page.

This should be "logo_image_url". It's easy enough to guess once you
get it wrong, but the document should be changed!

In addition, it would be great if that page could include some
information I had to discover by trial/error/pure accident:

- The document seems to imply that the skin's header includes an HTML
<head> section. But, confusingly the "default" skin does not include a
<head> section (it starts with <div class="header">). This strongly
implied to me that either it was not possible to change the <head>
part of the page, or that some special programming jiujitsu was needed
to do so. Ideally the page would clarify what I eventually figured
out: that if a <head> section is included in a skin's header, Fossil
will use it, and if not included Fossil will supply a default.

- The "here's a typical header" part of the document showing the TH1
variables is actually a kind of crucial starting point for making your
own <head> section; it includes a few tags+TH1 variables that might
badly break things if missing or altered (especially the <base href>
and stylesheet tags). Ideally the "Theming" document (and/or some HTML
comments in the default skin itself) would alert you to this fact.

Anyways just some suggestions based on my limited experience. I'm new
to the list so there could be some background I'm missing.
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