Thank you for bringing to light some documentation issues.  I will try
to address them as I have time.  There is a queue at the moment.

On 8/3/18, Joel Dueck <> wrote:
> The "Theming" page in Fossil's docs
> (
> has a typo:
>> log_image_url - A URL for the logo image for this project, as configured
>> on the Admin/Logo page.
> This should be "logo_image_url". It's easy enough to guess once you
> get it wrong, but the document should be changed!
> In addition, it would be great if that page could include some
> information I had to discover by trial/error/pure accident:
> - The document seems to imply that the skin's header includes an HTML
> <head> section. But, confusingly the "default" skin does not include a
> <head> section (it starts with <div class="header">). This strongly
> implied to me that either it was not possible to change the <head>
> part of the page, or that some special programming jiujitsu was needed
> to do so. Ideally the page would clarify what I eventually figured
> out: that if a <head> section is included in a skin's header, Fossil
> will use it, and if not included Fossil will supply a default.
> - The "here's a typical header" part of the document showing the TH1
> variables is actually a kind of crucial starting point for making your
> own <head> section; it includes a few tags+TH1 variables that might
> badly break things if missing or altered (especially the <base href>
> and stylesheet tags). Ideally the "Theming" document (and/or some HTML
> comments in the default skin itself) would alert you to this fact.
> Anyways just some suggestions based on my limited experience. I'm new
> to the list so there could be some background I'm missing.
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