If you are running a Fossil server on Windows, please share with me
how you set it up.  You can respond via private email directly to me
if you like.

  (1)  Run using "fossil server"
  (2)  Run using "fossil winsrv"
  (3)  Using Apache with CGI
  (4)  Using Apache with SCGI
  (5)  Using Nginx with SCGI
  (6)  Via SSH using some kind of SSHD for Windows
  (7)  Some other webserver (please specify)
  (8)  Other (please specify)

I have the impression that most if not all Fossil servers on Windows
are run using either (1) or (2).  If you are using any of the other
approaches, then I especially want to hear from you.


D. Richard Hipp
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