Op di 7 aug. 2018 om 18:57 schreef Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>:
> If you are running a Fossil server on Windows, please share with me
> how you set it up.  You can respond via private email directly to me
> if you like.
>   (1)  Run using "fossil server"
>   (2)  Run using "fossil winsrv"
>   (3)  Using Apache with CGI
>   (4)  Using Apache with SCGI
>   (5)  Using Nginx with SCGI
>   (6)  Via SSH using some kind of SSHD for Windows
>   (7)  Some other webserver (please specify)
>   (8)  Other (please specify)
> I have the impression that most if not all Fossil servers on Windows
> are run using either (1) or (2).  If you are using any of the other
> approaches, then I especially want to hear from you.

In april 2016, I was setting up fossil using a combination of (2) and
(7). The IIS frontent was simply used as proxy, forwarding the generic
port 80 to the internal port used by the fossil service. That's how I
discovered that at that time the --baseurl option didn't work correctly
on Windows. I fixed ithat n commit
(and a minor follow-up in the next commit). Since then,
everything is working fine.

         Jan Nijtmans
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