The equivalent to finfo command is not the “checking using” link. You
should click on the file name just before the comment which will give you


Martin G.

Le mer. 26 sept. 2018 à 18:28, Peter MacDonald <> a
écrit :

> In fossil-ui (2.6 and 2.7 at least), I navigate to Files, then pick a
> file, then click on [check ins using] and it tells me there are 8
> checkins, and then dumps the latest 8 checkins for the repo. eg:
> Funny enough "fossil finfo"  dumps the correct info, eg:
> # fossil finfo lib/Jsi_Debug.jsi
> History of lib/Jsi_Debug.jsi
> 2018-09-21 [2491e4ac65] Fix LogDebug... not being evaled at correct
> level. Add templates. Rename Debug to Debugger. Cleanups. (user:
> pmacdona, artifact: [a7810a6e57], branch: trunk)
> 2018-09-17 [8db496b951] Release "2.4.88". Consolidate varios globals
> into jsiIntData struct. Expose retValue in Interp. Various websocket
> cleanups. Add noConfig option in more places. Fix
>            blacklist bug. (user: pmacdona, artifact: [2bb50c20c7],
> branch: trunk)
> 2018-09-16 [a972405f39] More rework of Safe interp. Add custom type
> for parent interp func. Start rework of NameLookup (user: pmacdona,
> artifact: [d71625a453], branch: trunk)
> 2018-09-14 [3ddd9e08f5] Release "2.4.86". Cleanup Safe interp options.
> (user: pmacdona, artifact: [5010e7252d], branch: trunk)
> 2018-08-31 [2f1c8788bd] Release "2.4.76". Fix blob support. Fix Wget.
> Add string versions, and function module support for provide/require.
> Cleanup help. Fix cur dir delete causing crash.
>            Zvfs: add inflate/deflate commands. Vfs: add support for
> mounting .sqlar files. Fix memory leak in Sqlite create error. (user:
> pmacdona, artifact: [e3d1ce986c], branch: trunk)
> 2018-08-28 [ee1c71af8c] Reorg moving jsi up a directory and moving
> Ledger to its own repo (jsiapp) (user: pmacdona, artifact:
> [7b04f6ff80], branch: trunk)
> Peter
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