I encountered a problem with Fossil:

'fossil update' (autosync/push/pull enabled) updates the local tree but
not to the latest version. 

I can see on the server's web interface that it has a several new
commits, all the files and diffs and everything are there, but on a
client machine (which is behind the server by several commits) the
update command simply updates to a version before the latest. 

What's more, a fossil commit from that client machine restores files to
their older versions on the server, effectively undoing the commits
that it did not receive during the update.

On the same client if I fetch the repo file with 'fossil clone' and
check out the trunk from that it gives me the latest version, so the
server's SQLite file is indeed OK.

The Fossil I have both on the server and the various client machines is
rather old, version 1.29. So I thought that before sending a bug
report, it might be advantageous to update to the latest version.

It is probably silly question, but I ask it anyway, just to be sure:

Is the latest Fossil binary compatible with the 1.29 version on the
repo file level? That is, will it be able to read the old SQLite file
and modify/update its schema to the latest version without losing

We use Fossil for both open source and commercial projects and it would
be a major disaster if we lost 5 years worth of history an all of
them even if their current state could be restored from the actual
source trees.

There was a Fossil major version number change, which might mean
backward binary compatibility issues, hence the question.


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