Thomas Dalton, 06/07/2009 16:58:
> In the UK there is a concept of an unincorporated
> association where the association (which can have full charitable
> status) isn't a legal entity in its own right and any agreements it
> makes are actually made with the Board of Trustees as a group of
> individuals but there is some kind of legislation that ensures
> continuity - when the membership of the board changes, the parties to
> the agreements somehow change (I didn't investigate this in much
> detail because Wikimedia UK decided to go down the incorporated
> route). That kind of association would work absolutely fine as a
> chapter (the main disadvantage is that the board are personally liable
> for the chapter's debts, including court ordered fines and damages)

Wikimedia Italia is an association more or less like that («associazione 
non riconosciuta» = without «personalità giuridica»). :-)


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