2009/7/8 Delphine Ménard <notafi...@gmail.com>:
> I have researched a bit, while looking at the "catalan case" and my
> conclusion is that such interest groups might be able to fundraise
> where national chapters and the Foundation can't. It is impossible
> (and in any case not desirable) for Wikimedia France or Wikimedia
> Italia (and one day Wikimedia Spain) to change their bylaws to focus
> on "catalan" in order to attract some grants that would be only be
> given to such interest groups or to fundraise in the interested part
> of the population.

I don't know the details of the "catalan case" and I think it is
probably quite different to the "Welsh case", but I'll describe the
Wikimedia UK thoughts on that subject. There is a significant
possibility of specific grants for improving the Welsh Wikipedia (and
other projects) and also simply for donations from the Welsh public
(similar things apply to Scotland and Northern Ireland, although to a
lesser extent). In order to enable us to take full advantage of those
opportunities we specifically got permission from the WMF to use the
names "Wikimedia Wales" (etc.) in addition to "Wikimedia UK". We
haven't used those names for anything yet, but we have considered the
possibility of some kind of sub-chapter (what form that would take
legally, I don't know, there are various options, but it would
probably be something fairly informal) made up of members from that
country carrying out initiatives in that country.

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