I don't know why you are seeing an indeterminedly old version, you may try
to clean up your cache (=purge in the web address of your browser).
May be I didn't make myself clear enough: Flagged Revvs doesn't require to
wait for anything, you can only see the patrolling interface because you are
a registered user. If you were a reader accessing RuWiki from an IP you
wouldn't  even have known that there is a patrolled or unpatrolled version,
you'd just have seen the corrected coordinates.

You can compare Flagged Revvs to Soviet Union, after all,  Jaron Lanier is
sure that all wikipedians are "digital maoists" but there is a consensus in
the  RuWiki Community  that Flagged Revvs do more good then harm and it is a
step toward a better Wikipedia. Sorry, but I don't see how using a
non-wikimedia software and a cache version of a random page, which everybody
sees differently, proves anything.



2011/1/5 Teofilo <>

> 2011/1/4, Виктория <>:
> > it had been patrolled  = [отпатрулированная версия] anyway.
> What about the message "Стабильная версия была проверена 28 сентября
> 2010. 1 изменение ожидает проверки." which is written now at the top
> of the history tab (1), and google-translates into English as "Stable
> version was tested on Sept. 28, 2010. 1, the change is awaiting
> moderation" ?
> (1)
> I have visited Russia only once in my life. It was a long time ago at
> the time of the USSR. I was making a long flight from Japan to Poland,
> and had to stop overnight at a hotel inside Moscow airport. Although I
> enjoyed the food, the beverage, the kindness of the stewardess, the
> landscapes with snow, lakes, forests inside the airplane, I disliked
> my stay at Moscow airport because people kept me waiting without
> telling why or how long. I think this is what Wikimedia is looking
> like with the so-called "flagged revisions" software : the USSR.
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