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> I read http://boycottnovell.com/2007/11/05/gnome-mono-yelp/ with great
> concern.

Unfortunately, the authors of that website are obstinate in their
indifference to the truth, and do not serve the interests of the Free
Software community. They prefer to create suspicion and insinuations than
report the truth of important matters such as these.

> I have always supported the development of free platforms for C#, just as
> I've supported the development of free platforms for any language that
> users use.  I also wouldn't argue that people should not use C# with a
> free platform for secondary applications.

Thanks Richard -- I think that's a very important sentiment that more people
in the Free Software community should consider.

> However, making GNOME depend on Mono is running a grave risk, and a grave
> mistake.  If the article accurately describes the situation, I think we
> need to launch a high-priority project to reimplement Yelp in some other
> language.

GNOME does not depend on Mono at all. There is one Mono-based application in
the official GNOME release suites (Tomboy) that is easily removable if users
are not comfortable using Mono. Mono bindings are included in the bindings
suite, such that developers familiar with C# (and other [CD]LR languages)
can create Free Software that works with GNOME and Free platforms (instead
of proprietary software that works with only proprietary platforms).

There are some components in GNOME that optionally integrate with Mono-based
tools, particularly Beagle. Yelp can depends on 'libbeagle' which provides
an interface to Beagle for C-based applications, but itself does not depend
on Mono at all.

You can remove Mono from modern FLOSS desktop systems without removing GNOME
itself, though you'll miss out on some cool stuff like f-spot, Beagle,
Tomboy and so on. Most distributors ship Mono 'out of the box' now anyway.


- Jeff

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